Why E-learning And Gamification Are Better Together

Brigg Patten

If you’re researching the best modern training methods, it’s easy to get lost in a sea of buzzwords, most of which mean nothing at all. However, there are two concepts that, when done correctly, can work together to provide a beneficial training experience for both employer and employee. These are e-learning and gamification.

Gamification refers to the concept of using elements of gaming and competition to improve the training process. Meanwhile, custom e-learning refers to the use of electronic media to ease training. You can see how these two might naturally fit together; e-learning aids gamification and gamification is one of the most effective ways to implement e-learning. If you are new to either concept, here are some of the ways that e-learning and gamification should work in tandem.

Constant training

The best companies realize that training is not just for new employees. While usually the most training is needed during onboarding, it would be a mistake to neglect it afterwards. Every employee in the company, including you, should maintain a lifelong learning process and continue to grow throughout their employment in the company. Yes, you can hire the very best talent, but through training they can evolve into something even better. By gamifying your e-learning, you can create a sense of friendly competition that boosts learning for everyone in the company and encourages constant self reflection and improvement.

Better tracking

Using e-learning software and mobile devices, it is a lot easier to track progress. Employees will be able to track their specific goals and progress as they go along, and you will be able to do the same. You will also be able to see which employees are struggling and help them individually. This kind of technology makes it easy for you to contact each employee directly in a matter of minutes and for them to communicate with you (or their team leads) when they need help.


One of the biggest benefits of e-learning is the flexibility that it allows. Every employee is able to start and stop whenever and wherever they like. This allows the training to fit more seamlessly into their daily lives and complement, rather than infringe upon, their actual work. Furthermore, the competition aspect will thrive under this sort of flexibility.

Keep employees interested and stimulated

One of the best benefits of gamification is that it keeps employees engaged. Not only does it improve the overall training process, but it will improve performance, results, and employee retention. And if employees have any negative feelings, they have a simpler and more direct channel to express their concerns. This breeds a more collaborative and happier workplace.

Gamified e-learning clearly has many benefits, but employee engagement is probably the biggest. And with engagement levels lower than ever right now, that is reason enough to give it a try in your company. Remember that the most important thing is communication, and the more you listen to your employees, the better experience you both will have. So get started, try things out, and adjust as you go along. The results will soon follow.

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