How Can Blended Learning Benefit Corporate Training?

Veronica Hunt

Many business models rely on modern technology to keep up with the times. Accordingly, it makes sense that blended learning should be implemented into corporate training. Whether you are preparing your business for a significant step forward, working on moving to a new phase, introducing new software, or just helping your employees improve their skills, blended learning is effective and widely used for many reasons. Many companies, large and small, use this strategy for corporate training and to provide their employees with new qualifications and skills, and to enhance their portfolios.

Blended learning is ideal for conducting training programs, and it also helps boost your employees’ performance and motivation, increase their productivity, and encourage their interest in work.

Why implement blended learning into corporate training?

  • Blended learning gives freedom to your employees. Every person has his/her learning scheme, and blended learning allows them to learn at their pace. This method combines both online and offline activities, and this is a great way to break the monotonous habitual training. It offers efficient training and allows your employees to develop their decision-making and critical thinking skills, important to any person from the business world. Using different online and offline learning tools, employees can pay more attention to their particular interests and therefore make their learning more fruitful.
  • Blended learning reduces costs. It is natural for businesses to strive to keep their training expenses low. As a rule, most corporate training methods require cash for traveling or hiring a tutor or a trainer. Of course, not all online resources are free, but they are generally more cost-effective than many of the features included in any standard training package. Professional trainers will create a training program for you, but it will cost you. Blended learning requires no additional expenses.
  • Blended learning helps improve communication skills. Good communication skills are crucial for any businessperson. Everyone needs to send emails, make calls, and take part in conferences, and those who have brilliant ideas but do not know how to express them won’t be successful. A well-structured blended learning strategy can include interactive elements to let employees communicate with one another in the process. Group activities and projects will also make more sense.

Benefits of blended learning for corporate training and business

Blended learning is the best way to get corporate training results fast. It is a proven method that combines features to match employees’ requirements and preferences. Here’s how your employees can benefit from blended learning implemented in their corporate training.

Happy medium

Every member of your team has his or her particular skill sets, abilities, and strengths—as well as weaknesses. Consequently, each has their own preferred study conditions: Some prefer brick-and-mortar classes, others feel comfortable in online learning environment. What method of corporate training would you choose?

The choice is tough, isn’t it? But the good news is that you don’t have to choose between traditional training and digital learning strategies. Blended learning balances the two. Convenience and flexibility are key advantages of blended learning. Corporate learners aren’t limited in time, location, format, or channel.

There are plenty of free resources that offer a great number of courses in different areas. These materials are adapted for different educational levels, from intermediate to advanced, and can serve as a starting point or a gap filler, so employees can easily get specialized content tailored for particular field of expertise. This diversity allows every corporate learner to find materials in their area as well as the best method to improve their knowledge.

Strong creativity booster

With access to diverse academic materials, blended learning provides a creative learning experience. Student Share, for example, is full of engaging articles that encourage creative thinking. This database offers articles and essays in fields such as marketing, e-commerce, statistics, management, finance, accounting, macro and microeconomics, business studies, and more.

Creativity is a crucial component for any company’s growth. Employees who can think “out of the box” are more likely to find solutions to problems faster and outperform their competitors.

Blended learning is a perfect way to teach your employees to get out of their comfort zone and generate creative ideas—essential not only for business growth, but for the individual development of every team member. But be sure to stay supportive and focus on achievements rather than on failures. If you want your employees to become leading thinkers, motivate them to read, learn, and combine multiple disciplines.

Individual approach and productivity enhancement

Online courses for corporate training often have a one-size-fits-all approach. They don’t provide personalized solutions and lack a human aspect. Blended learning offers a smart combination of strategies that are perfect for every learner. While some employees may absorb knowledge better through discussion, for example, others may benefit from studying on the computer. Such a personalized approach enhances productivity and allows employees to demonstrate strong results within a short time, particularly when the learner has direct communication with a tutor or lecturer. Employees build a community in which they share ideas and knowledge with others. Blend My Learning is a good example of individualized approach offered by blended learning.

Time and efforts saved

Unlike corporate training programs that require employees to commute to classes, blended learning offers a flexible schedule. It delivers knowledge that employees can immediately apply at work. It’s more convenient for employees to learn, practice, and test new skills right in their workplace than to spend valuable time traveling. Even if your employees don’t have time to read training literature or attend lectures, they likely can spare 10 minutes every day for educational videos or tutorials on a chosen topic. TED Talks is a perfect resource for this purpose. After watching a video, encourage your employees to discuss the issues and suggest solutions.

Quick feedback

Blended learning provides quick, accurate feedback on your employees’ performance. Even if your corporate training program is based on physical classes, you can use online tests to gather and assess learners’ achievements. Feedback helps you not only tracking individual’s professional growth but also evaluate the efficiency of particular training programs.

Explore the suggested resources and use them to take ideas for your blended learning corporate training program. And as always, we would be glad to hear your recommendations and thoughts, so feel free to leave a comment!

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