Should Your Business Hire More College Students?

Dave Landry

As more companies find themselves merging onto digital platforms, the need to find employees who have the metalanguage for technology has become imperative. Often businesses overlook the most relevant and prevalent candidates to help their companies make the digital transition: college students and recent grads.

There are many pros and cons of hiring college students and college graduates, but the positives more than outweigh the negatives. College employees can help revitalize your company and keep it competing in a market that continues to rely on technological innovations. Along with an innate knowledge of digital platforms, college students have numerous other benefits for your company.

Consider these factors for college candidates during your hiring process:

  • College graduates maybe finished with their school coursework, but they are still learning about their career paths.
  • Hiring new grads gives you a chance to groom these employees to be successful not just within your company but for their long-term careers.
  • You can create close mentor relationships with your employees, which can in turn create a supportive and positive work culture.

Many companies prefer to hire new college grads so that they can then promote these employees and help them build their careers. This positive reinforcement for emerging employees can help create loyalty and positive work relationships that leads to long-term employment.

Familiarity with technology

By far, the most compelling reason to hire college students is their immense knowledge of technology and their comfort with digital platforms. In our increasingly digital world, companies must adapt to reach consumers and clients through digital platforms such as social media. No one is more familiar with these platforms than college students, who use technology to communicate with each another and in every other aspect of their lives. From shopping to homework, college students use digital outlets more than any previous generation. This valuable knowledge can help your company reach audiences globally as well as elevate your business to sustain growth.

Innovation and ideas

College is a time for students to experiment and take risks in a controlled environment. Employers often say they look for candidates who possess communication skills and fresh ideas. Today’s universities encourage innovation and creativity and offer students many challenges that help them develop these skills. No matter what their degree is in, these students have explored and exercised creativity and collaborative skills in the classroom.

University students also often work on group projects, which gives them the experience of working together to reach a specific goal, much as they would in a real work setting. Although many college students may not have as much work experience as older candidates, their recent classroom experience can help them see the bigger picture when it comes to smaller projects and tasks.

Quick and eager learners

Coming straight from a learning-based environment, college students learn and absorb information quickly. Many students who have never held a professional full-time position are eager to familiarize themselves with your company’s environment and work culture. Recent college students are also likely to be willing to work closely and collaboratively with others as well as offer help to coworkers.

Math and quantitative skills

Recent college grads, especially those with STEM or business majors, tend to have finely-tuned math skills because they have exercised these skills recently to study for standardized tests and to earn their degrees and certifications. These skills can be highly beneficial for companies that rely heavily on data analysis.

While some executives and hiring boards might hesitate to hire college students, in actuality these young professionals can offer many advantages, from helping your business become more prominent in the digital world, to creating a more diverse and creative work culture. Even through internship programs or entry-level positions, hiring college students can bring many benefits to your business.

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