How To Make Your Best Employees Leave

JP George

Every entrepreneur will get to a point where they realize that they cannot do everything themselves. They will push 18-hour days and still cannot finish everything. They need to bring on some good employees.

Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs do not have proper training in employee treatment. While they may have hired the right people, they cannot always retain them. Good employees are the people who are going to hoist your company to the success that you have always dreamed of. They will represent your interests and work diligently because they care about the company. But there are many actions and behaviors conducted by the entrepreneur that can repel a good employee, to the detriment of the company.

No employee recognition awards

If you work hard all day, you want to be recognized. Some of your employees are working just as hard as you are. Some are pulling long days to represent your interests because they care about the company. But they begin to realize that their company does not care about them. They are not appreciated. The entrepreneur who wants their employees to feel recognized will not allow the font of creative employee appreciation ideas to ever dry up. In this way, everybody will know that their hard work is appreciated now and will be appreciated in the future. They know that they can ascend in the company when new positions open up.

Tolerating poor performance

If you spend a lot of time working diligently, spending long hours at work trying to boost your boss’s company, you will get irritated working next to a slacker. Every time you are working hard, you see them lagging behind and doing anything that they want to do. But the boss tolerates it. A good employee will begin to think that there is no point in working hard. A good employee wants to be somewhere that laziness is not tolerated. They need to know that their working partner is not going to slack off throughout the duration of the workday.

Lack of transparency

Employees want to know what is going on with the company. They want to know the result of that big project that they were working on. A company that does not tell them or is dishonest about the company’s status is not likely to retain a good employee. A good employee cares about the status of the company and wants a boss who is willing to share that important information with them.

Lack of opportunity

People take a position in a company because they are looking up. Someday, they want to be given a lot of responsibility. They want to move up the corporate ladder so that they can do the job that they have always wanted to do. A good employee who has a lot of talent knows their own potential, and they do not want to be stuck in a dead-end job that offers no opportunities for growth or expansion.


While it is your company, and you want things to be done your way, you cannot dictate every little thing to your good employees. They want to feel as though you trust them. You need to allow them to have a little bit of space and creativity so that they can do their own job and recognize the proper procedure. Give them freedom now and analyze how they did later. If something needs to be tweaked, then give them feedback after the project is complete. But micromanagement will repel your best employees.

All and all, for the good of the company, retaining and appreciating talented and engaged employees should be at the top of an organization’s priority list.

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