Companies Learn How To Run Their Businesses “Live”

Emily Porro

As businesses continue to transform and evolve around the digital economy, cloud-based Big Data solutions are becoming critical to offering insights that improve decision-making.

Launched recently, SAP Digital Boardroom aims to provide a comprehensive, real-time view of business performance across an entire company. Line-of-business data from the SAP HANA Cloud Platform enables instant, data-driven insights that allow leaders to understand the past and predict the future in today’s digital economy.

“You can run your business live,” explained Alexis Sarat, SAP senior solutions principal, EMEA Center of Excellence BI, who was demonstrating the technology from the floor of the SAP stand at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. “Our Digital Boardroom integrates business intelligence and planning in one tool. It’s like having an interactive, live dashboard to run your business.”

According to SAP, the Digital Boardroom can offer real-time data when and where it matters most. Decision-makers can plan for both the short and long term through instant access to information. This allows a board to respond quickly to changes such as regulatory issues, shifting customer demand, market pressures, or a falling share price.


Emily Porro

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