Why Adopting A Chief Digital Officer Mindset Is Not Digital Washing [TWEETCHAT]

Shelly Dutton

Twitter_mobileThe digital economy is changing everything a business touches: supply chains, HR operations, the customer experience, and everything else in between. More importantly, it is calling for deep organizational, internal changes – including those that will impact the C-suite.

As companies focus more on transforming digitally, there’s a new seat in the executive boardroom: The chief digital officer (CDO). In fact, the Economist Intelligence Unit reports that the community of chief digital officers has doubled over the past year worldwide – from 1,000 in 2014 to an expected 2,000 by the end of 2015.

However, the question still remains: Does adding a chief digital officer to the executive ranks mean the rise of digital washing? Or will it create a significant shift needed to compete in the digital economy?

#SAPDigitalChat recap: What’s on the CDO’s mind?

During a TweetChat hosted by Jonathan Becher, head of SAP Digital and SAP’s CDO, and Sean Cornwell, CDO of Travelex, engaged in a conversation, along with over 200 participants, on the theme “What’s on the CDO’s Mind?” The lively exchange included “digitalists” from all levels within businesses of all sizes and from a range of industries, as well as others interested in this hot topic.

Some sage advice emerged on how businesses can make a real impact in the digital economy:

  • Why digital transformation is the new business mandate: Going digital is a response to changing customer demand – and a core part of addressing customer needs is to put digital initiatives front and center.
  • The three elements to a successful digital transformation: These are new customer experiences, new business models, and new value-creation models.
  • The role of the chief digital officer: The CDO mindset is not just about a digital vision, but also recommending a path to get there.
  • The biggest challenge to digital transformation: You must simplify and defeat complexity to accelerate growth along with your customers.
  • The most common misconception about going digital: Don’t confuse digital with e-commerce – you can digitize a business without ever building a website.

Interested in seeing the entire conversation about the role of the CDO and how to embrace true digital transformation? Scroll through the TweetChat recap below.

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