6 Reasons You Should Automate Performance Reviews

Michael Brenner

Your managers and employees are busy people. How can you help them work faster and smarter when it comes to performance reviews? If you are thinking about implementing a new performance review system or improving your existing manual, paper-based process, here are 6 reasons why you should consider automating your performance reviews:

1. Improve overall effectiveness and quality of performance reviews

A well-designed automated performance review system allows managers to record and collect performance feedback and data throughout the review cycle so managers will have a more accurate picture of an employee’s overall performance when they’re writing performance reviews.

Leading performance review software includes writing and goal-setting tools to help managers and employees communicate their ideas and thoughts more effectively. With electronic writing assistants, managers will be able to create more meaningful and concise reviews so employees can better understand how they are performing against their goals and expectations.

Effective performance review solutions also offer managers practical tools and advice on promoting employee achievements and coaching employees on a wide range of competencies. These resources make it easier for managers to deliver relevant and actionable feedback employees need to improve their performance.

2. Speed up review-writing process

The best automated performance review software includes time-saving tools like a peer feedback feature, which allows managers and employees to request and solicit feedback with just a few clicks. An automated system also allows managers and employees to quickly route their performance review forms to the appropriate individuals for final approval and sign-off. Your managers and employees no longer have to rely on emailing or printing out forms as with a paper-based or manual system.

3. Gain powerful performance insights more quickly

With a manual or paper-based performance review system, managers and employees may need to spend hours sorting through files or printed forms to find what they need. But with an automated system, performance reviews, feedback and other valuable information are stored online and can be conveniently accessed anytime and anywhere.

The best performance review software should also allow business owners to track your company’s overall progress against your business objectives and monitor employee performance evaluation and ratings. It should also identify key employee trends such as competency gaps so you can take actions on what’s preventing your employees from reaching your business goals.

4. Build a structured, more effective goal-planning process

Automated performance review software also creates a more effective and transparent process of cascading company-wide goals. This greater visibility into your business strategy and goals helps your employees better understand the purpose of their work and how they can help achieve your objectives through their individual goals.

Automated performance review systems also enable your managers to stay up-to-date on employee progress and performance issues, so they can provide timely feedback and coaching to keep your employees on the right track.

5. End ineffective manual, paper-based review processes

End the hassle of chasing people down for their performance review forms and feedback. With an automated performance review system, forms are automatically routed to the appropriate participants for completion and approval, and emails are sent to remind individuals to complete their reviews and feedback. These two features alone will save your business hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars wasted on administrative time in tracking people down.

An automated performance review system also provides your employees and managers instant access to all reviews and related forms online, so they no longer need to print everything out or save countless files on their computer, as with a manual or paper-based system.

6. Simplify legal monitoring of your performance reviews

Leading automated performance review software performs legal scans on all performance reviews to identify any red flags, such as inappropriate word choices, from a legal perspective, and provides alternative solutions. These legal monitoring features save you thousands of dollars in lawyers’ fees every year, and more importantly, they protect your company from potential legal risks in the future.

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