The Secret Of Successful Performance Reviews (Part 3 of 3)

Michael Brenner

One of the biggest reasons performance reviews fail is because there’s no follow-up after the meeting to track performance progress and feedback. As a result, the performance review merely becomes another to-do task for employees to check off on their list, and it does very little to improve performance.

1. Ask for feedback

Ask your employees to share feedback on their performance reviews right after the meeting, or wait for a day or two. But don’t wait too long because you want feedback when the details are still fresh in their mind.

As a manager, you should ask employees to provide feedback on how well you are doing with performance reviews, and also on the overall structure and process of the performance reviews.

Feedback should be collected and sent to HR to help improve the existing performance review process and to provide additional manager training where appropriate.

2. Plan followup

Managers and employees should discuss the appropriate cadence for follow-up on the commitments and actions they agreed on during their performance review.

During the follow-up meetings, employees and managers should pull up the employee’s goals and development plan and discuss the progress made on their new objectives and performance challenges. Additionally, any performance issues that may have occurred recently should be addressed, and managers and employees should work out action steps to help the employee get back on track.

3. Document

After each follow-up meeting, both managers and employees should document the employee’s progress, performance challenges or issues, and any action items they agreed to. Documentation will provide a more accurate picture of an employee’s performance and what support they need to be more successful at their jobs, so you can truly improve their productivity to grow your business.

An automated performance review system can help you establish a more effective and efficient performance review and documentation process, so your employees can work smarter and be more productive.

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