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How Machine Learning Helps Improve Security: Part 1

19-Apr-2018 | Lane Leskela

We spend millions of dollars each year to strengthen information security, yet still experience major breaches that threaten our stability and ability to grow. We need to realign our investments with more effective solutions.

finance, financial reporting, analytics, continuous accounting

Three Technology Areas to Consider For Continuous Accounting: Automation, Scheduling, And Monitoring

18-Apr-2018 | Elizabeth Milne

Automation, scheduling, and monitoring provide accounting with the toolbox to understand the integrity of the finance process and identify opportunities to apply continuous improvements.

Finance Transformation: How To Get Buy-In From Stakeholders

17-Apr-2018 | Brian Kalish

For a finance transformation to succeed, you must have buy-in from all the affected stakeholders. Success requires an intimate understanding of the company’s culture, values, people, and behaviors that must be changed. Here's how to develop a winning strategy.

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