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Unleashing The Power Of Intelligent Finance: Exigence Beyond Intelligent Technologies

16-Jan-2019 | Matthias Grabellus

Combining emergent technologies and intelligent enablers can unlock new potential in the finance department.

Financial planning, iFP&A, baseball, analytics, cloud computing, Machine Learning, artificial intelligence, innovation, future technologies

Why FP&A Is A Lot Like Sabermetrics

8-Jan-2019 | Brian Kalish

What do modern baseball and financial planning and analysis have in common? Both are searching for objective knowledge through analysis of the statistical record.

FP&A, Finance, planning, analytics

Why FP&A Is A Lot Like Baseball

26-Dec-2018 | Brian Kalish

In baseball and in finance, instead of always swinging for the fences, it is a better option to focus on being a consistent performer.

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