How Cash Managers Can See A Few Seconds Into The Future

Michael Diehl

What if you could see just a little bit further into the future? Looking ahead – even by just a few seconds before the rest of the world – would give you an enormous advantage in both your life and your business.

Consider an organization caught up in reacting to markets. Like many businesses, its finance functions pull independent data from incompatible systems. There’s no way to react until that data is normalized, collated, and compared, which means it’s usually too late to seize an opportunity or prevent a serious business risk. Technology can and should have a major role in fixing that. Automating financial transactions through a central processor would help an organization build out deals based on liquidity parameters or keep cash flows updated dynamically in real time. Imagine if you could instantly process data with a high volume, veracity, and velocity. Being able to make more precise predictions could revolutionize the core functions of a retailer or a manufacturer.

If you could put that kind of sophisticated technology to work for your financial management operations, with up-to-the-second insights on cash management, cash operations, and liquidity, your business could be operating on an entirely new playing field.

There’s no reason why you can’t.

Forecasting for the finance function

The CFO mandate for the future is to contribute more to the profitability of the business by seeing opportunities before they exist and predicting where the business will be exposed to risk. The good news is that even the most complex financial challenges are now solvable with enterprise software running on an in-memory database and accessing streams of Big Data in real time.

Advanced cash management

Financial professionals today are handling unexpected liquidity challenges, like decreased lending and increased counterparty risk, by establishing more accurate reporting on cash flows and liquidity management. Their decisions depend on being certain about the fine details, such as whether all their bank statements were imported successfully and on time.

The next step is to look more deeply at emerging market risks and compliance threats. It’s a complex problem, but relying on incompatible software systems introduces too many uncertainties into the decision-making process. A central source of business truth emerges when you stream data from multiple sources and databases into a single business platform that all decision-makers can access. You gain high-speed access to accurate, reliable decisions when everyone is rowing in the same direction. That level of certainty is invaluable in a world of change. It forms the foundation for the transactional and analytical capabilities of a market leader.

The treasury solution

Treasury managers need a more streamlined approach to working capital, risk management, and compliance. You should be able to immediately pull up drill-down analysis into bank balances and cash positions across the globe, in any currency. Too much time and too many resources are wasted in moving data between incompatible systems. This, in turn, introduces a greater possibility of errors into the analysis.

Finance simplified

That’s precisely why SAP designed a single platform, integrating horizontal lines of business with industry-specific solutions that are on premises, in the cloud, and accessible from any mobile device. You should be ready to react to financial conditions as soon as they change.

From a device-independent control panel, you can gain comprehensive integration of cash flows, transactions, commodity positions, and market data. At the same time, the SAP HANA database helps you mitigate risks with built-in audit-trail processes and compliance reporting rules that can instantly adjust to new market conditions.

Get a glimpse into what the future of your business could look like using the simple finance solutions from SAP. Explore the business value of SAP finance solutions on our finance solutions hub. The market leaders of tomorrow will be those who can see just a little bit further into future.


Michael Diehl

About Michael Diehl

Michael Diehl is a senior director of Global Finance Audience Marketing at SAP, where he lead messaging and customer insights. With 16+ years of experience at SAP, he has a strong track record in technology innovations. His specialties include finance, machine learning, thought leadership, go-to-market strategy, digital marketing, messaging, and positioning.