Top Five Finance Blogs Of October 2018

Jean Loh

The scope of strategic finance leaders is broad and deep, a fact borne out by the top blogs on their October reading list. SAP regional CFOs wrote about their perspectives on the importance of gender equality and employee engagement. From The Hackett Group, readers learned about different approaches to enterprise analytics. Another blog explored opportunities posed by Brexit, while another discussed the concept of a working capital steering committee. Here’s the roundup.

Challenging The Status Quo: A CFO’s Journey To Support Gender Equality

Enterprise Analytics: Decentralized, Centralized, Decentralized?

Employee Engagement: The Root Of A Purpose-Driven Finance Organization

Brexit: Seize The Opportunities, Manage The Risks

Working Capital: The Link Between Procurement, Finance, And Treasury

Why have AI, machine learning, predictive insights, and digital assistants become the must-have new tools of forward-thinking CFOs to drive business performance? Watch the Nov. 6 webcast.

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Jean Loh

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