Top 5 Finance Blogs Of October 2017

Jean Loh

How can technology can solve real business problems? Our readers in finance are clearly interested in finding out, judging by the most popular CFO Knowledge blogs in October. Two blogs about blockchain, one focusing on bonded loans and the other on smart contracts, were among the top five. Machine learning continues to be a hot topic, especially a post that examines the power of this technology to liberate finance from repetitive tasks and maximize the potential of the finance organization. And how about automating the budgeting process, another way to free up FP&A teams to better support the business? Finally, even as finance teams are becoming more knowledgeable about technology applications, misconceptions still exist about advanced analytics, as this blog explains. Here’s the roundup of these intriguing stories.

Finance 2025: When Blockchain Fulfills CFOs’ Paperless Vision


Machine Learning: The Next Evolution Of Automation And Accuracy For Finance


Smart Contracts With Blockchain: New Foundation For Binding Legal Agreements


How Technology Can Revolutionize Your Budget

Three Misconceptions About Advanced Analytics

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Jean Loh

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