Top 5 Finance Blogs Of September 2017

Jean Loh

CFO Knowledge published blogs on a wide range of topics last month, and readers’ interests were equally broad, from integrating blockchain into the supply chain (the popular series from EY) to the impact of millennials on T&E. From our contributors at the Association for Financial Professionals was a compelling look at worries about artificial intelligence, while SAP’s Thack Brown explored the use of technology in corporate real estate. Finally, many readers took note of a roundup of good TED Talks for finance professionals. Have a look.

Integrating Blockchain Into Your Supply Chain Doesn’t Need To Be Complex


Cognitive Technologies Are Critical For Advancing Corporate Real Estate Practices


Artificial Intelligence: The Nightmare Scenario

The Surprising Impact Of Millennials On Corporate Travel And Expense

Top 5 TED Talks For Finance Leaders In Digital Transformation

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Jean Loh

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