Top 5 TED Talks For Finance Leaders In Digital Transformation

Conor Donohoe

Digital transformation manifests in different ways for different companies. For some, it is a push towards developing a mobile strategy, while for others it is all about embracing new technologies as a way to improve and revolutionize operations. It can also be confusing and disorienting, as change often is. These TED Talks will help explain the role of digital transformation and organizational change in general.

Monica Araya: A Small Country With Big Ideas to Get Rid of Fossil Fuels

“And you might be thinking that it was good luck, but it wasn’t. There was a pattern of deliberate choices.”

This TED Talk is about the way Costa Rica was able to adopt mostly clean energy. You might be wondering what fossil fuels have to do with finance. While the two subjects are unrelated on the surface, dig deeper. Leading the charge at your company to embrace digital transformation could take some big conversations – but that is exactly what needs to happen for a true transformation.

Kenneth Cukier: Big Data Is Better Data

“How do you think we have self-driving cars? …It’s because we changed the nature of the problem.”

In this TED Talk, the speaker looks at the role that Big Data plays in the modern world and how reframing of common problems is what has enabled different technological advancements to come to fruition. He talks about how the nature of work is changing, too, and how some of that change is extraneous, while other aspects could be misused. It will help you understand how digital transformation could impact your company and its operations.

Philip Evans: How Data Will Transform Business

“Business strategy has always been premised on assumptions about technology… those assumptions are changing.”

This TED Talk speaker explains the nature of business strategy and how our existing notions of strategy are predicated on our understanding of technology. As technology advances and changes, business strategies also have to adapt. He talks about the ways that technology is disrupting the value chain as we know it and the way that business models in general are changing in response. Finance leaders will appreciate the links the speaker draws.

Jim Hemerling: 5 Ways to Lead in an Era of Constant Change

“When it comes to self-transformation, you can’t help but get a sense of the excitement. But there’s another type of transformation that occupies a very different emotional space: The transformation of organizations.”

The speaker in this TED Talk is focused on transformation itself. He starts by comparing how energetic people often are about changes in their personal lives compared to apathy that often accompanies organizational change. The speaker argues that people need to accept change as a constant that can be managed.

Martin Reeves: How to Build a Business That Lasts 100 Years

“We need to think more modestly and subtly about when and how we can shape, rather than control, unpredictable and complex situations. It’s a little like the difference between throwing a ball and releasing a bird.”

This TED Talk comes from a strategist who applies concepts from biology to organizations. The speaker talks about how companies can learn from living organisms how to build companies that are resilient in the face of a changing environment. Digital transformation is one of these adaptations or evolutions of which he speaks.

Surviving digital transformation and being effective at implementing those directives requires a big-picture approach. Make sure that your company is prepared with tools that make digital transformation a true evolution instead of a simple response to the shifting market or environment.

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Conor Donohoe

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Conor Donohoe is an ERP consultant for SAP S/4HANA Cloud at SAP. He is a qualified chartered accountant, with first-hand experience of how technology can drive business change. Trained in a Big Four accounting firm, he is experienced in advanced analytics and reporting within the professional services, banking, and pharmaceutical industries. Conor comes from the ERP user side, so understands the challenges ERP users can encounter with their systems – and where real gains can be made.