3 Steps To Assess The Digital Readiness Of Your Finance Function [Infographic]

Sonal Gupta

Finance is at the heart of the digital business. Becoming digital enables finance organizations to reimagine ways to achieve their CFOs’ key priorities: improving efficiency and ensuring compliance, driving business performance, and defining new corporate strategies. However, this expectation is far from reality.

Consider these stark insights from a 2016 digital finance analysis (click here to see the full infographic):

Digital transformation starts with assessing your current digital maturity, identifying gaps, and adopting best practices that truly enable finance to become a strategic partner.

To address this, SAP has launched the Finance Digital Readiness Assessment.

What does the survey assess?

  • This qualitative survey provides an insight into how mature an organization is with respect to its ability to fully enable a digital finance function.
  • It encompasses 15 questions across 4 key finance priorities: digital economy, strategic growth, business performance, and efficiency and compliance.
  • More than 65 participants have already taken the survey.

 How to take the survey

  1. Click on the survey link.
  2. Respond to questions.
  3. Click on “Save & Show Results” button to view results in real-time.

The survey is qualitative in nature, and should take no more than 10-15 minutes to complete.

What do you get on submission?

On submission, you will receive a real-time personalized report providing a benchmarked comparison against peers and a self-assessment across key digital finance best practices, insights and observations, and digital transformation stories. All assessments are available at no cost.

Knowing your strengths vis-a-vis peers, and identifying potential improvement opportunities, can help you position your organization for growth and profitability while assessing the maturity and effectiveness of your digital transformation initiatives. For any questions, please reach out to us at valuemanagement@sap.com. 

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About Sonal Gupta

Sonal Gupta is a principal consultant at SAP. As part of the Digital Transformation Office, Sonal is responsible for articulating the value proposition for digitizing the office of the CFO in alignment with the overall strategic priorities of the organization. She also focuses on enablement initiatives through social media and for the SAP partner community.