In The Boardroom: Strategy And Risk Assessment Getting More Attention [INFOGRAPHIC]

Henner Schliebs

Businessman looking out conference room window --- Image by © 237/Tom Merton/Ocean/CorbisA recent survey by KPMG on strategy and risk found that top executives and board members are taking steps to become more actively involved in their respective companies’ strategy and risk assessment. The survey finds that the shift of focus on these two topics are brought about by the increasingly fast pace of the current marketplace, as well as pressure from investors who expect board members to know why the company is doing what it’s doing. However, respondents also stated that many challenges are still faced by the board, mainly the lack of expertise and time to discuss and address risks.

Here are five takeaways from the survey:

Another hot topic that is increasingly being discussed in the boardroom is cybersecurity. Respondents say that in order stay on top of this matter, the board needs to form a dedicated committee and get the help of third-party experts.

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