CFO And CIO Collaboration: On The Upswing, But With Barriers Still To Come

Deanna Morris

According to a recent survey by EY, there is increased collaboration happening between CFOs and CIOs. This trend is accelerating the transformation of companies into analytics-driven organizations that can make better-informed business decisions. However, CFOs surveyed say that their lack of understanding of IT issues still remains as the biggest barrier for improving their relationship with their CIOs.

The survey also points to the CFO role putting too much emphasis on the costs of an IT initiative, rather than recognizing its strategic value, as a big hindrance to greater collaboration between CFOs and CIOs.

The report covers a wide range of industries including consumer products, banking, technology, and healthcare. Respondents came from a wide range of regions, from Asia to Europe, with the majority of respondents from the United States, China, and Brazil.


View the complete report here.

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Deanna Morris

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