Certified Corporate FP&A Professional: The New Gold Standard For Financial Planners?

Richard Barrett

I was interested to read that the US Association for Finance Professionals has just announced the availability date for a new Certified Corporate FP&A Professional credential, which is the first to focus exclusively on financial planning.

Given the importance of planning and budgeting – it always comes at the top of Finance’s ‘To Do’ list no matter whose research you read – this is a welcome step and it would be good to see other professional associations around the globe do something similar.

I suspect this qualification could well become the gold standard that recruiters will look for when recruiting for FP&A positions and there is nothing wrong with that. But I would encourage the Association and its members responsible for putting the curriculum for this qualification together to ensure they cover the whole gamut of ways of budgeting from traditional line item consolidation through driver-based approaches to ‘Beyond Budgeting’ and that they include sufficient coverage of technologies such as in-memory and cloud, which will transform planning and budgeting in the new few years.

Different industries budget in differing ways; indeed different companies within the same industries budget in different ways often driven by visionary CEOs and CFOs who have different ways of working. So the last thing the corporate world needs is a group of black-belts budgeters all chanting the same mantra. But all in all, a welcome and timely certificate that should easily fill its classes.

Richard Barrett

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