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Four Technologies Manufacturers And Other Supply Chain Enterprises Can’t Ignore

16-Oct-2018 | Hans Thalbauer

Innovations hold the most potential for creating dynamic supply chains. Here are revolutionary technologies that are helping companies differentiate themselves.

supply chain, intelligent enterprise, IoT, analytics, machine learning, blockchain, trusted data, digital supply chain.

Emerging Tech And The Digital Supply Chain

10-Oct-2018 | Shaily Kumar

The Internet of Things, analytics, machine learning, and blockchain create a foundation of trusted data for the digital supply chain.

blockchain, agriculture, farming, food safety

Blockchain: Farm To Consumer Is A Journey Of Trust

10-Oct-2018 | Anja Strothkämper

Being able to trust food safety is a life-and-death matter for consumers, especially those with allergies. Blockchain can give them the assurance they need.

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