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Intel, Flex, UPS Test Blockchain Proof Of Concept

16-Apr-2019 | Ganesh Wadawadigi

Intel, Flex, and UPS recently executed more than a dozen trades on a blockchain PoC system in parallel to their current systems. Here's what they learned.

supply chain, ethics, sustainability, Earth Day

Turning Every Day Into Earth Day

16-Apr-2019 | Richard Howells

Corporations and governments use Earth Day to make pledges and announce sustainability measures. Here are a few ideas of how we can make every day Earth Day.

supply chain, ethics, sustainability, chocolate, cocoa, cacao

Does The Easter Bunny Have A Sustainable Supply Chain?

15-Apr-2019 | Richard Howells

Most major chocolate makers have sustainability programs to help ensure the Easter Bunny's gifts support the cocoa-producing communities where he sources them.

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