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View from the perspective of the monitor screen of a high-tech engineer using platform software

Integrated Business Planning For High Tech: How Platforms Improve Execution And Drive Differentiation

14-Nov-2019 | David Vallejo

Six things to expect in an integrated planning platform up to the task for high-tech brand owners and manufacturers.

Mountaineers climbing snow capped summit peak under deep blue winter skies and bright sun

I Can See Clearly Now: Integrated Business Planning In The Cloud For Midsize Companies

4-Nov-2019 | Richard Howells

What a 1970s pop hit has to do with supply chain visibility today.

Drilling rig and worker

Upstream COO: Focus On Increasing Production And Reducing Operating Costs

24-Oct-2019 | Craig Kindleman and David Shimbo

Digitizing oilfield operations improves KPIs, increases well profitability, and decreases capital project and operating costs, and reduces MRO inventory.

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