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How Manufacturing Organizations Can Regain Control Of Their Supply Chain

13-Apr-2018 | Sudy Bharadwaj

The outsourcing of manufacturing presents challenges as unique as the industries that rely on it. Organizations need to ascertain their limitations and capabilities and those of their trading partners. A cloud-based network enables them to gain control over both.

Four Supply Chain Strategies To Drive Digital Transformation

11-Apr-2018 | Richard Howells

To meet the challenges of today’s digital economy, where customers want both products and services quickly and tailored to their unique specifications, your organization needs to fundamentally reimagine its business processes across the digital supply chain with these four foundational principles.

SAP Leonardo, Internet of Things, Automotive, Predictive Analytics, Predictive Analytics

How To Improve Manufacturing Productivity With Predictive Analytics

5-Apr-2018 | Mukund Rao

Auto manufacturers can improve their company using predictive analytics – both on the production line to improve productivity and with products to boost price support and customer satisfaction.

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