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Factory Workers Inspecting Parts

Can A Supply Chain Be Really Transparent In A Digital World?

11-Mar-2020 | Dr. Martin Kotula

Traceability and transparency are growing business imperatives for chief procurement officers and supply chain managers.

Engineer With Finished Steel Product

The Product Lifecycle And The Customer Experience: Putting The “L” Back In PLM

27-Feb-2020 | Keith Zobott

A key aspect of the customer experience is the product's operation, which is where product lifecycle management (with an emphasis on the “L”) comes into play.

Steel coil cut machine

The Advantages Of Digital Supply Chains: A Podcast With Johannes Drooghaag

13-Feb-2020 | Tom Raftery

On episode 17 of the Digital Supply Chain podcast, Johannes Drooghaag talks about manufacturing, Industry 4.0, cybersecurity, and other topics.

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