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Path lined with larch trees

Satellite Imagery And ML For Vegetation Management For Utilities

19-Dec-2019 | Bharti Maan and Chandrasekar Purushotham

Machine learning, satellite imagery, ERP, and mobile solutions are eliminating some of the manual work involved in protecting utilities from vegetation.

Manager using digital tablet in warehouse

The Network And Your Supply Chain (Part 2)

13-Nov-2019 | Arun Thiyagarajan

Networks are critical for value creation; they become the system of record in a multi-enterprise collaboration world. 

box moves down the warehouse as part of a larger supply chain

A Supply Chain Leader’s Dilemma: Digitization Vs. Transformation

30-Oct-2019 | Ajit Menon

Companies that understand the roadmap can embark on a disciplined journey and attain true digital transformation.

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