Three Reasons Auto Suppliers Should Evolve Their ERP With The Public Cloud

Rich Lindow

Automotive suppliers are experiencing uncertain times. Driven by market pressures and a rapidly evolving technology landscape, these companies are confronted by never-before-seen levels of complexity.

The solution? The future of the automotive supplier ERP journey is in the cloud. Specifically, the cloud architecture offers unapparelled process simplification. This simplicity, in turn, empowers suppliers to rapidly realize value without needless distractions.

Here are three reasons you should look to the cloud as the next stage in your ERP evolution.

Be future-ready

Change is constant in the automotive industry. Shouldn’t your software solutions be as nimble as you are?

In the public cloud world, software updates and enhancements are rolled out in a seamless and methodical fashion. Not six months from now, but as soon as they are rigorously tested and become available. You do not have to worry if your software is outdated or lacks a critical feature that can offer your company a critical advantage in the ultra-competitive landscape.

Many wonder if these changes might disrupt their business. Fear not—a customer-focused cloud provider will work with you closely to ensure that your existing software works. Moreover, these changes tend to be features that customers across the industry demand vocally, so employee retraining will likely be minimal.

Simple and comprehensive

Suppliers often fear that moving to the cloud will involve a messy implementation cycle that will cost much more in time and money than expected.

One way a public cloud helps organizations tackle this uncertainty is through preconfigured “model companies.” In short, your ERP solution will come out of the box with many of the configurations that automotive suppliers are likely to choose. By simplifying the number of variables, you can spend your time making more strategic decisions.

By starting with many of your business needs embedded directly in the preconfigured business processes, the cloud offers your company a head start in implementation. Moreover, by standardizing the basics and using best practices, your time-to-value is much quicker in the cloud world.

Equally important, this allows you to define a better, more streamlined relationship with your technology partners.  In the cloud world, no longer do you rely on expensive projects to develop based upon your specific functionality and landscape. Technology partners can build business processes and applications using a cloud platform to deliver a competitive advantage to your business. Since these applications are built with a simplified cloud back end, regression testing no longer is the long lead time item.

Finally, there has never been a time in history that industry-specific content was this readily available. With the App Stores and content marketplaces, you can search, analyze, and implement solutions to specific industry challenges like never before.

Taken together, the model company and technology partner solutions allow you to focus on innovating around the edge rather than waste precious resources getting the basics in place. In short, solutions will already come consumable, relevant and usable for a wide range of suppliers.

Keep employees and keep them happy

New entrants want to be difference makers instead of task-doers. The cloud is uniquely positioned to cultivate and enable your talent.

Emerging leaders in your company want to be at the forefront of technical innovation. They want to be the masters of their task and work hard to understand how they can enhance the whole companies’ efficiency. Having up-to-date tools and features empowers such next-gen leaders since a quarterly update cadence keep your hungry workforce at the forefront of supplier innovation.

The evolving workforce also demands more of their software. Many newer workers are digital natives who grew up in the age of the iPhone. For them, intuitive user experiences are not just a good bonus but an absolutely essential requirement.

Many suppliers often wonder why their attrition rates are so high for early talent. Believe it or not, a clumsy user experience that hinders their training and growth could be responsible. A cloud-based solution that embeds many UX innovations by being pre-configured as a model company, solves this problem for you.

The future is in the cloud

The public cloud is the next step in transforming your auto supply company’s ERP. It is supported with regular updates and enhancements to ensure that your company is always ahead of the curve. But it is also seamless so the cloud’s updates don’t require frequent retraining. The cloud, along with the model company, keeps your implementation budgets manageable. Most of all, it helps you cultivate the next generation of leaders at your company.

Will the public cloud help you with your business transformation?

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