A New Digital Era With Services And Content Packages

Anubhav Bhatia

In today’s era of digitization, companies are looking for innovative digital strategies to manage assets and provide value-added services to their business partner network.

For manufacturers and customer groups, this requires some upfront investments and efforts. Manufacturers can compensate their upfront costs by adding value streams on top of their products in the form of digital services and content packages. As manufacturers move into the value-adding service business, selling features, machine upgrades, and digital services via a global catalog, operators can license and consume additional asset-related services.

digital services

In this unique digitization approach, manufacturers and/or service providers share information about equipment with operators and can offer digital services and content packages on top of shared equipment. These content packages may include various types of data associated with products and services. The data may include digitized representations of product documentation, failure modes and predictions, data sheets, monitoring information, simulations, alerts, etc.

The digital services could be any innovative service that a manufacturer wants to offer to the network. Once the content package is created, it is available for subscription and can be shared with the operators. Once the operators see the value and impact of the content package and digital services, they could subscribe to it and enjoy the benefits of the value-added subscription.

The illustration below describes the vision and key capabilities of content packages and digital services:

content packages and digital services

Explore how Asset Intelligence Network, part of SAP Intelligent Asset Management, offers functionality to manage content packages and digital services over its network.

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