Supply Chain Transformation: From Customer Demand To Last-Mile Logistics

Estelle Lagorce

Supply chain managment can make or break an organization. Supply chain excellence and effectiveness can have a profound impact on any organization’s growth, prosperity, and long-term sustenance. Market and technology trends are prompting organizations to transform every aspect of supply chain management, including planning, order fulfillment, transportation, warehouse management, last-mile logistics, and supply chain visibility.

For decades, supply chains have incorporated digital technologies. So why are we still talking about transforming the supply chain? Because technology innovations are now making it possible to think beyond functional silos and expand the boundary of what is possible to drive supply chain transformation. Systems can help companies to conceptualize, design, and implement an advanced supply chain and enable advanced transformational capabilities such as supply chain segmentation, cost to serve, and supply chain intelligence using Big Data analytics.

As you may have read in previous blog posts (“What Going Digital Really Means For Your Supply Chain” and “Why Bricks Need Clicks, And Vice Versa“), transforming the supply chain is not so much about the traditional model of supply, demand, and fulfillment, but redefining the extended supply chain one digital innovation at a time so the entire network can deliver the best possible customer journey. It’s about offering a homogenous and more rewarding online-offline customer experience for brick and mortar retail companies (which may use it as a defining advantage over e-commerce specialists) as well as online-only companies (which add physical stores to primarily an online channel). It’s about raising the profile of supply chain executives in the organization—discover, for example, how chief supply chain officers are becoming some of the most transformative executives in the C-suite or leading the enterprise.

A webinar titled Supply Chain Transformation – From Understanding Customer Demand to Last-Mile Logistics will be hosted on September 15, 2016 by practitioners, thought leaders, and researchers from SAP and Deloitte who are working on supply chain innovation and excellence. For a more in-depth look at understanding how applications and platform technologies support supply chain transformation and how to get started on different aspects of supply chain transformation, join the webinar, which is part of SAP Supply Chain Excellence Spotlight Seminars.

For more on how supply chain executives can transform decision-making through relevant, real-time, actionable insights and provide supply chain workers with a more intuitive user interface to enhance efficiency throughout the enterprise, download the paper.

Estelle Lagorce

About Estelle Lagorce

Estelle Lagorce is the Director, Global Partner Marketing, at SAP. She leads the global planning, successful implementation and business impact of integrated marketing programs with top global Strategic Partner across priority regions and countries (demand generation, thought leadership).