How Your Supply Chain Can Drive Digital Transformation For Your Business [INFOGRAPHIC]

Warren Miller

Manufacturing in the age of personalization can be challenging. What’s more, today’s consumers aren’t only on the lookout for customized products; they’re in search of personalized shopping experiences, too.

In order to meet this demand, it’s imperative that manufacturers begin transforming their supply chains with digital transformation – or risk being left behind.

Digitization enhances innovation, productivity, and competitiveness

In a new infographic, sponsored by SAP, IDC explores how digitized extended supply chains can help your organization better align product design, manufacturing, and service to achieve the customer-centricity your business needs to thrive.

Specifically, the infographic outlines how digitizing your extended supply chain can benefit your enterprise in the following areas:

  • Superior financial performance: Increase revenue by up to 5%
  • More effective product innovation: Reduce innovation costs by 10% and lower new product lead times by 30%
  • Less system disruption and/or better response time: Cut supply chain recovery time by 50%

Transport your supply chain into the future

Check out the full infographic below to explore these topics in more depth and to gain additional insight on the top three business priorities and challenges of manufacturers, the importance of implementing an aligned and integrated extended supply chain, and more!

how your supply chain can drive digital transformation

To see how your business can benefit from running live, register to download “IDC: The Extended Supply Chain white paper.”


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