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Dairy Farm

Feed As A Service: Predicting Feed Orders At Dairy Farms

11-Dec-2018 | Twan van den Broek

Innovative app uses several relevant data sources to help farmers order the right amount of food when they need it.

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Yes, Virginia, There Is A Santa … And Free Shipping … And One-Hour Delivery

6-Dec-2018 | Richard Howells

Like Santa, today’s retailers and manufacturers are working to keep their customers believing in them, but with fast and free delivery instead of toy-making elves.

store associate stock shelves in a retail store

Intelligent Retailing: How To Optimize Your Stock At The Shop Level

5-Dec-2018 | Marcel de Bruin

Prototype tool makes it easier and faster for a large retailer to shift popular inventory where it's most needed before it's too late.

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