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Circular Economy: Reshaping the Industrial Ecosystem

4-Jun-2018 | Christopher Koch and Dan Wellers

The circular economy is sustainability taken to its ultimate goal: zero waste. In the circular economy, waste is neither expected nor accepted. It’s a failure. Recycling is not an afterthought but an essential part of the business strategy.

The Future Of Feeding The World

14-May-2018 | Dan Wellers and Michael Rander

Here's how technology innovations can help shrink the environmental burden of farming, improve crop diversity so diets are more nutritious and agriculture is more sustainable, help farmers produce more food while increasing their profits, and make food distribution more safe and efficient.

How Future Batteries Could Save Civilization

4-Jan-2018 | Dan Wellers and Michael Rander

Renewable energy is finally becoming competitive. To make it truly transformative, we need to reinvent a technology most of us take for granted: the battery.

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