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woman talks on the phone as she sits at her desk

Calling My ERP Friends: Seamless Network Interoperability As The Next Evolution Of B2B Networks

17-Mar-2020 | Falko Feldchen

Interoperable cloud platforms make connecting to new B2B trading partners as easy and seamless as connecting to a new friend.

A team and its leader applauds each other's success during a meeting in a conference room

The Intelligent Professional Services Enterprise: Three Ways Forward

12-Mar-2020 | Patrick Fitzgerald

Never before has technological advancement offered more innovation and transformation opportunities for the professional services industry.

railroads track run across the field of an oil refinery

The Intelligent Oil And Gas Enterprise: Four Ways Forward

11-Mar-2020 | Patrick Fitzgerald

Companies that embrace emerging technologies to increase their agility will be best positioned to respond to market changes, whatever the future may hold.

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