The Magic Of Enterprise Experience Strategy

Sourajit Ghosh

Sir Arthur C. Clarke once said, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” Let’s explore what creates magic in this new age of the experience economy and how organizations can intelligently build their enterprise strategy around it. For this, I am sharing a story of magic: my adapted version of one of my all-time favorite series, the Harry Potter books.

Once upon a time, there was a corporate organization that was struggling with all kinds of demons and dragons. Its stock prices were not growing rapidly, its order fulfillment rates were not improving, its lack of a real-time strategic supply chain resulted in massive instances of the bullwhip effect, its employees and network of vendors were disengaged, and its customer renewal rates were not great. And then there was an evil dragon with the power of Voldemort who was keeping the company operating in silos, not letting them join hands to integrate and work in a seamless manner.

Legend says that’s when the magical hero of our story, intelligent enterprise, came in with the powerful potential to save this organization. Intelligent enterprise has three broad magical powers: intelligent suite, intelligent technologies, and digital platform, much like the world of magic has Harry Potter, Hermione, and Dumbledore. Imagine a single magician having the powers of all three of these greats; that’s how awesome intelligent enterprise is.

Just like Harry Potter, intelligent suite enables you to capture every opportunity in today’s digital world and work seamlessly across all end-to-end lines of business processes, like customer experience, supply chain, procurement, human resources, and finance. Like Hermione, intelligent technologies are the brains; they comprise machine learning, artificial intelligence, blockchain, predictive analytics, and in-memory databases. And like Dumbledore was the foundation of Hogwarts’ success, every company needs a digital platform empowered with data management and a cloud platform.

However, an interesting question here is: What is the nature of this magic that makes these magicians the best magicians in the universe? Well, this magic is experience management. Experience management is the essential secret in this powerful force that binds these magicians together, and holistically they can take any organization into a space of complete harmony and happiness.

With the magic of operational and experience management data working together, the corporate organization was saved with digital transformation, resulting in new revenue streams, delightful user experiences, and simplified end-to-end business process. And what some people call magic is real technology available today.

So the next time you design your business strategy, remember the magic of enterprise experience.

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Sourajit Ghosh (SG)

About Sourajit Ghosh (SG)

Sourajit Ghosh (SG) is a Chief Expert Presales, Business Architect & Experience Management Ambassador in SAP, focusing on Digital Transformation, Customer Experience, CRM, E-Commerce, Cloud Computing, Business Consulting and Enterprise Architecture. Sourajit has served a number of roles at SAP including PreSales, Value Advisor, Business Process Consultant, Enterprise Architect, Mentor, Solution Captain, Thought Leadership, and Expert Speaker in Events.