Tales From Tech Unknown: Extraordinary Stories From Tech Leaders

Ursula Ringham

The future of business is as much about human beings as it is technology. It will take inspired leaders with a vision for the future to lead businesses through digital transformation and beyond.

Meet the people behind the technology

On the Tech Unknown Podcast, we talked with a few of these leaders about technology, change management, and more. But we also found that each of them had a uniquely human story to tell.

Tales from Tech Unknown: Extraordinary Stories from Tech Leaders takes a look at what inspires and motivates some of the brightest minds in tech:

  • Timo Elliott tracks the history of human innovation from the plow to the supercomputer.
  • Kirk Borne shares his lightning-rod moment with data mining and machine learning.
  • Brian Solis talks frankly about his struggle with digital distraction and how businesses can cope.
  • Tammy Powlas shares how giving back to the developer community helps further her education.
  • Gary Mintchell explains how supply chain logistics affects the food we eat every day.
  • Amber Case illustrates why philosophy and anthropology are crucial parts of building new tech.
  • Tamara McCleary shares the big tech dream that motivates her to keep innovating.

The future of business depends on how humans choose to use technology. Let these Tales from Tech Unknown inspire you as you lead your business into what comes next.

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About Ursula Ringham

Ursula Ringham is the Head of Global Influencer Marketing at SAP. She manages social media and digital marketing strategy for the small and midsize business community. She was recently recognized as one of 15 Women Who Rock Social Media at Top Tech Companies. Prior to SAP, Ursula worked at Adobe and Apple in their Developer Relations organizations. She managed strategic accounts, developer programs, edited a technical journal, managed content for an entire website, and wrote and taught course curriculum. In her spare time, Ursula writes thriller novels about the insidious side of Silicon Valley.