How Mobile Network Operator Netmore Group Is Succeeding With Messaging APIs

Michael Smith

Swedish mobile network operator Netmore Group AB offers solutions that pick up where traditional cellular coverage models leave off. Its company mission is to offer value-added mobile communications services to suit a wide range of customer needs – from mobile telephony and data to IT integration of business support systems – for a diverse customer base.

To better serve those customers, Netmore needed a solution that would help customers improve interconnectivity and communication, incorporate SMS and other functionality into apps, enable customized interactions, and take advantage of the Internet of Things (IoT).

Simplifying interconnectivity

Netmore’s app developers employed a set of easily consumable and configurable APIs that provide simplified access to a global digital communications network and integrated interconnectivity services. Powerful enablement tools including sample use cases and code, interactive documentation, and analytics tools enable Netmore to quickly and easily add interconnect functionality to apps and build solutions with secure, reliable last-mile connections anywhere in the world.

Using APIs, Netmore can quickly and easily integrate messaging services into its solutions, enabling its customers to interconnect devices and data to tap the potential of the IoT.

The benefits of communications APIs

Doing business with an API provider with many years of messaging experience saved Netmore from having to worry about issues like reliability, number portability, or international routing, and ensured the implementation of SMS was completed rapidly and smoothly.

“Thanks to easy-to-consume RESTful APIs, our customers’ developers can act fast to enhance and improve their solutions,” says Johan Jober, Netmore’s chief technology officer.

And because of the breadth of those customers, APIs that support a range of programming languages, such as Python and Java and an OAuth 2.0 framework, ensure that Netmore can meet the needs of various developers and organizations.

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