Competition Is Everywhere

Friedemann Kurz and Friedbert Eberle

In the fast-paced world of high-performance race cars, the competition isn’t just on the racetrack. “Competition is everywhere,” according to Bernd Simmendinger, manager for Porsche Motorsport business relations.

Leading automakers aim to get ahead of the competition in all aspects of their business. What secret weapon gives them the edge? Technology – both on and off the track.

We often hear about automakers using innovative technology in their vehicles – especially when it comes to the high-performance race cars used in Formula One racing or the Formula E championships, which showcase high-performance electric-powered vehicles.

What we don’t hear as often is how auto giants use the latest technology behind the scenes as well. These days, advanced technology is not just engineered into cars; it’s also used to coordinate the work of the auto engineers themselves.

Technology changes everything

Businesses in multiple industries are using innovative technology in new ways to transform the work experience for their employees. Many companies are replacing archaic paper-based work processes with enterprise mobile apps to simplify the work experience. Technology changes everything, and when companies go mobile, it gives them a competitive edge.

Porsche Motorsport can attest to this. Race engineers travel up to 180 days per year, so the company wanted to make the travel experience as seamless as possible for its employees. Mobile technology was the answer.

Archaic processes work at a slower pace

Until recently, each member of the Porsche Motorsport Formula E race team (including race engineers, mechanics, drivers, logistics personnel, and other company representatives) would receive a 60-page paper-based booklet outlining every detail about each race prior to an event. The booklets included the employee’s schedule, commitments, racetrack location information, country-specific visa restrictions, hotel arrangements, media events, and all of the rules of engagement for the race.

Once the paper booklets were printed, the details could not be changed for each employee, and there was little coordination between team members. The multi-page booklets were cumbersome and inefficient, making it difficult for employees to quickly and easily access the right information. The company consumed massive amounts of paper creating the booklets for 50+ employees for each event, and they presented a risk to confidential company information if any were misplaced or lost. Going paperless while streamlining, simplifying, and speeding up the process were important goals for the fast-paced, sustainability-focused Formula E racing team.

Technology brings race engineers up to speed

For example, Porsche Motorsport teamed up with Apple and SAP to create a mobile app that allows the company to streamline processes and coordinate the efforts of Formula E race engineers before and during race events.

App designers and developers worked with race engineers to redesign the entire travel process. Working together with a joint team from Porsche Motorsport, they took the process from the idea stage to the design in just three days. The app was fully operational within three months, providing race engineers with a streamlined and coordinated approach to each race event.

Now race engineers can easily access all of the relevant, up-to-date information they need from the app on their iPhone. Event details can be changed instantly and updated for all employees affected, and there is a reduced risk of losing sensitive information. There are also significant cost savings by having zero paperwork (30,000 Euros/year savings), and by coordinating travel arrangements as a team (up to 150,000 Euros/year).

Race team members are happy to have a more modern, simplified process, so user adoption is high and there is better communication and coordination between race team members, which leads to more efficient use of time. These are tangible benefits that give them a competitive advantage, according to Friedemann Kurz, manager, Motorsport Processes & IT, “We can be 30 minutes earlier on track, collaborate between team members in a modern and easy way, and provide critical information in real time.”

Gain a competitive edge with mobile technology

This type of mobile innovation can translate to any business. All types of industries – from manufacturing to the fashion world and everything in between – are adopting mobile apps to streamline operations and simplify employee roles.

Mobile technology is driving digital transformation as business leaders grasp the full potential of how mobile apps can benefit industries and end users. Just because a company has been working a certain way, it doesn’t necessarily mean that’s the most efficient way to do business. It’s up to you to discover the right business opportunities where effective mobile apps can help accomplish things in a simpler, more efficient, and more productive way. How could your business processes evolve or your employee roles change if workers had access to intuitive mobile apps that made their job easier and more productive?

Technology agreements like the Apple and SAP partnership aim to change the work experience for end users and transform the way companies do business by streamlining work processes and completely changing the way people work.

Mobile apps are more than just technology; they can present a new way of operating your business that can streamline processes, save time, reduce costs, lower risk, and boost your company to reach its full potential and gain a competitive advantage in your industry. Remember, competition is everywhere, and the digital era is pushing business leaders to rethink the way they operate in order to stay ahead and win the race against the competition.

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Friedemann Kurz

About Friedemann Kurz

Friedemann Kurz is the Manager of Porsche Motorsport Processes and IT. He is responsible for developing business ideas through IT design and implementation to improve business processes. His role is where IT meets motorsport.

Friedbert Eberle

About Friedbert Eberle

Friedbert Eberle is the SAP SE Director of the Apple and SAP partnership for the EMEA region. In this role, he provides direction on the development of state-of-the-art applications for some of the world's leading businesses.