Connected, Disruptive, And Socially Responsible: The Promises Of Intelligent Technology

Oliver Huschke

Businesses are witnessing a tipping point that can dramatically change the trajectory of their growth. Shifting attention from Big Data collection to real-time data consumption is setting the stage for a level of intelligence that requires a new way of thinking about processes and the applications that enable them.

Fortunately, technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and blockchain are helping companies find a path forward. For many organizations, pulling together large volumes of data – which comprise diverse formats and originate from numerous sources – is creating a wave of pressure-tested innovations, data security and privacy, and a seismic shift in business value. And this outcome is changing not only the definition of industry leadership but also people’s lives for the better.

Every day, I learn about businesses that are overcoming tremendous challenges and upsetting the status quo with intelligent technologies. I am always inspired by their ingenuity when applying intelligence to improve decision-making and business performance, make sense out of experience data, and uncover hidden opportunities and risks in their customer, operational, and financial data.

But enough about me. Let me share some of these stories with you.

Bumble Bee: Increasing social responsibility with blockchain

As North America’s largest branded shelf-stable seafood company, Bumble Bee is maximizing the transparency and efficiency of its supply chain to aid sustainability initiatives. Cutting-edge technologies, such as blockchain, are helping the business easily test for food safety and gain instant access to data that proves its fish comes from the best sources.

PayPal: Reducing disruption in banking operations

PayPal is optimizing operations by facilitating the movement of data. Dynamic data tiering is helping the global online payments system support the continuity of a solution landscape based on a set of bank analyzer applications. As a result, the company is moving data between nodes, configuring its extended server, and using hybrid models that are tuned for performance.

Duke Energy: Taking an innovative approach to connected care

Duke Energy is confidently engaged in a range of innovation efforts that are set to transform how it serves its customers. By refocusing its smart homes project on connected care, the electric power holding company is delivering something priceless – peace of mind to adult children who are worried about the safety of their elderly parents.

American Airlines: Preparing for the change with better workforce management

One of the world’s largest airlines, American Airlines is preparing for the future of its business with a new perspective on workforce management. It’s replacing a 20-year-old implementation of on-premises HR software with a cloud platform running and extending human capital management solutions and supporting mission-critical HR customizations.

Heidelberg: Transforming into a smart city for the future

The southwestern German city of Heidelberg is improving the quality of life for its citizens with intelligent technologies. With connected goods software based on a cloud platform, the city government is digitalizing waste management.

Shaklee: Serving customers better with a real-time view of operations

Moving to a cloud-based commerce engine is enabling Shaklee to unify a wide variety of business systems. Through this strategy, the manufacturer and distributor of natural nutrition supplements, weight-management products, beauty products, and household products is tapping real-time updates on business operations to augment the customer journey. In return, the company is building a stronger customer base, increasing revenues, and empowering users with personalized features.

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Oliver Huschke

About Oliver Huschke

Oliver Huschke is the global head of Solution Marketing for Digital Business Services at SAP. He has worked for SAP since 1997, starting with development, where he built and led the central test organization. Oliver was head of application management and managed marketing activities at SAP Hosting. Further stations include strategic development and Active Global Support with responsibility for global product management of the SAP Premium Engagement Program. Share your thoughts with Oliver on LinkedIn or Twitter.