Intelligent Enterprises Will Win In The New Experience Economy

Sam Masri

The newfound power in the hands of the consumer is forcing a shift from a supply-driven to a demand-driven economy, meaning companies not only have to create better goods and services but also focus on delivering a compelling and consistent customer experience. If you deliver a great experience, they will come back! If you don’t, they’ll go elsewhere. Welcome to the experience economy.

What does it take to win in the experience economy? Becoming an intelligent enterprise. An intelligent enterprise is one that has truly linked the back office and front office so it can connect the dots using data to figure out what customers want and understand how to give it to them. It sounds harsh, but anything less in the new competitive landscape makes an enterprise “stupid,” and its fate will likely be sealed very quickly.

Legacy systems are no longer enough to generate the timely and meaningful insights needed to keep a business ahead of the game. You must assume your competitors know exactly how their customers are responding to their offerings and exactly what to do about it right now.

Businesses today are not only worrying about their customers but also about the relentless world of disruption that threatens their existence, the challenge of engaging and retaining top talent, and the importance of understanding how best to use new and emerging technologies to drive innovation. An intelligent enterprise sets itself up to rise to these challenges so it can do more with less, automate processes, impress customers, empower employees, and create revenue.

How do you know if your business is an intelligent enterprise? Use this checklist as a starting point:

  • You have a deep understanding of your customers, predict and proactively meet their needs, and provide exceptional, differentiated, and personalized customer experiences.
  • Your workplace experience is connected and engaging, helping to attract, develop, and retain the right talent and provide personal and role-based employee experiences.
  • You have an intelligent ERP system that maximizes productivity, efficiency, and insight while getting the most out of resources and operational agility.
  • You run a highly responsive digital supply chain for advanced, customer-centric manufacturing, with predictive processes, smart automation, and total visibility across your network.
  • You have simplified travel, expense, and invoice management and manage and engage the external workforce with high visibility, employee empowerment, cost control, and risk reduction.

If you answered “no” to one or more of the above, there’s work to do. Lucky for you, help is at hand. SAP Intelligence Enterprise Tour takes over Toronto on February 19, featuring game-changing keynote speakers like best-selling author and Forbes/Fortune Top 100 Digital Influencer Erik Qualman.

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Sam Masri

About Sam Masri

Sam Masri is the Chief Operating Officer for SAP in Canada. He leads SAP Canada's strategy, operations, and innovation teams including solution, value and industry advisory, with the core mandate of helping SAP customers leverage digital innovations to become intelligent enterprises.