Looking Through The Prism Of Intelligent Enterprise

Sourajit Ghosh

In 2019, let’s try to observe light differently. Newton’s experiment in 1666 of passing light through a prism created a paradigm shift in the world of physics and had paramount importance to mankind. The world of business and technology has now converged at a similar flexion point with what is being called the intelligent enterprise, which essentially means putting data at the heart of an enterprise and using advanced technology solutions to run your business in an intelligent manner.

Being an intelligent enterprise helps organizations differentiate themselves from the competition and keep their customers delighted and their shareholders happy. So how can an organization design a strategic framework to start building an intelligent enterprise?

To answer this question, let’s borrow a page from physics. If you pass white light through a prism, you get a rainbow comprised of seven colors: violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, red (VIBGYOR). Similarly, if you pass the light of the intelligent enterprise through the prism of digital transformation, it creates a different kind of VIBGYOR:

  • Value
  • Integration
  • Brainpower
  • Growth
  • Yield
  • Order management
  • Repeatable


Value is the soul of your organization. Your intelligent enterprise strategy should first define how it will create incremental value for your customers, employees, and ecosystem. This involves using tools like design thinking and business consulting engagements to define the digital transformation strategy and then make it real with a clear, executable transformation plan of action with a wrapper of a business case.


Integration is no longer only a topic for your IT team. Integration is the nervous system of the organization. It’s more of a synergy by which various departments, systems, and employees in your organization perform together as if in a symphony orchestra creating a magical harmony. The business and the IT organization should work together to create a business architecture.


We live in a world today where intelligent technology is redefining how business is run. Machine learning, IoT (internet of things), blockchain, Big Data, data intelligence, and analytics – all enabled via a digital cloud platform – are enabling organizations to make insights actionable with the speed of light.


For business people, the word “growth” usually creates a mental image of a chart with a line trending upwards. But that’s the effect. So what causes growth? It’s the attitude of being bold. Breaking down traditional ways of running operations, taking risks, leaping forward with faith, and being comfortable with some unknowns. In this age where technology is resulting in rapid disruptions, being bold is much easier if you have a trusted partner and solution adviser who will partner with you on your entire journey of business and digital transformation. You need the support of an entire community to make the growth sustainable.


Yield to pedestrians. In our pursuit for growth, no matter how fast we are trying to drive our cars, let’s not forget the basics of existence – we need to yield to our customers. Stop when we must, listen to them, and do our best to personalize our entire business strategy to provide them the dream customer experience. Customers remain the king; we need to treat them with respect and design our entire business strategy around keeping them in the center of our universe.

Order management

This remains the cornerstone of every business, and today this critical business process is more important than ever. The entire lifecycle of order management – from generating interest to driving purchase behavior, from order processing and fulfillment to completing downstream processes like logistics, finance, and service: these can be the biggest differentiator in your intelligent enterprise strategic framework.


Intelligent enterprise is not a onetime act. It’s much more than that. It’s a philosophy that keeps evolving, a journey that keeps progressing, a change that keeps thriving. The design of your strategy to make your organization an intelligent enterprise should factor in the repeatability of that change and ensure you evaluate the health of your strategic design and digital transformation plan: again, and again.

In 2019, use the prism of digital transformation and spread the light of an intelligent enterprise.

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Sourajit Ghosh (SG)

About Sourajit Ghosh (SG)

Sourajit Ghosh (SG) is a Chief Expert Presales, Business Architect & Experience Management Ambassador in SAP, focusing on Digital Transformation, Customer Experience, CRM, E-Commerce, Cloud Computing, Business Consulting and Enterprise Architecture. Sourajit has served a number of roles at SAP including PreSales, Value Advisor, Business Process Consultant, Enterprise Architect, Mentor, Solution Captain, Thought Leadership, and Expert Speaker in Events.