Q4 2018

David vs. Transformation, Show Them the Money, One-Click Government

David vs. Transformation, Show Them the Money, One-Click Government

Increased Profitability, Slower Tech Advances

Small and midsize businesses get results from their digital investments similar to those of their larger counterparts.

Digital transformation has increased profitability:

But they’ve been slower to invest in some advanced technologies, such as:

Security platforms


Machine Learning/AI

Source: The Digital Transformation Executive Study: The Transformation Imperative for Small and Midsize Companies, SAP Center for Business Insight in collaboration with Oxford Economics, November 2017


The Compensation Communication Gap

Business leaders know employees and managers aren’t connecting when it comes to talking about pay.

think employees don’t understand how compensation decisions are made.

believe managers in their organizations don’t effectively explain compensation decisions.

say employees do not believe compensation decisions are fair and equitable.

Source: The Compensation Disconnect, SAP SuccessFactors, June 2018


Government Meets the Amazon Effect

Accustomed to AI-driven experiences with consumer brands, citizens around the world are looking for similar innovations from their governments.

think digital delivery of public services is important.

support government agencies using technologies such as AI and virtual reality.

would participate in focus groups or committees to improve the services they use.

Source: “Citizen Enthusiasm for Personalized Government Services and Digital Innovation Are on the Rise, Accenture Survey Finds,” Accenture, September 20, 2018