Will 2019 Catapult Your Business Into An Intelligent Enterprise?

Susan Walker

It’s that time of year again when people begin to predict and prepare for what the coming year will bring. Hundreds, if not thousands, of conversations among technology and business analysts, executives, and practicing technology gurus dissect regulatory and competitive challenges, trending technologies, and market disruptors to find the one secret to unlocking unprecedented success.

In recent months, I have engaged in a number of these discussions and witnessed a diverse collection of best practices and process innovations. And what did I learn? The most compelling business successes of 2019 will likely emerge from staying in step with technology evolution with the formidable focus, vision, and agility of an intelligent enterprise.

New obligations and opportunities for intelligent enterprises

Most companies are already augmenting intelligence and automating processes with artificial intelligence and machine learning. Some of them are even converging these intelligent capabilities with the Internet of Things, edge computing, and digital twins to produce extraordinary opportunities and reshape businesses, industries, and the world for the better.

But no matter how compelling, these innovations are primarily one-way changes, where the business internalizes the transformation and pushes out new experiences to customers. In its report “Technology Vision 2018,” Accenture anticipates a slight shift in this trend. “For the first time in a technological transformation, the change is a two-way street,” says the leading global professional services company. “People aren’t just using companies’ products and services, but feeding information and access back to them.”

Enabling such “two-way” innovation allows companies to impact people’s lives more significantly and quickly. This level of influence can be achieved in anything a business does – from its products and services to its workplace experience and the economic growth of an associated partner. The trick is knowing how to pave the fastest, best route to reveal a business’s best version of an intelligent enterprise.

Check out Accenture’s infographic below to discover the two-way trends your business should anticipate for 2019 and start addressing before the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Day.

Accenture 2018 Technology Trend

Susan Walker

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Susan Walker leads SAP’s Global Strategic Technology and Global Strategic Services Partner Marketing organization. She is responsible for SAP’s alliance marketing vision, strategy and execution across the company, with a strong focus on leveraging and extending leading-edge innovation to enable customers to transform their businesses.