Partnering To Deliver The Intelligent Enterprise

Diane Fanelli

As human beings, we have always faced disruption, whether that meant adapting to the changing migration patterns of food sources or navigating shifting political climates caused by wars. But not until the Industrial Revolution was the world profoundly and uniquely disrupted by innovation. As we morphed from an agrarian culture to one based on mechanization, industrialization required people to rethink society, economics, and government.

So what does the Industrial Revolution have to do with today’s technological world? By looking back at the domino effect of industrialization, we can find context for the massive disruption our lives, work, businesses, and governments are facing in the digital era. The convergence of Big Data, the cloud, IoT, and mobility has created a perfect storm of disruption and sparked the type of societal and economic change that has not been seen since the Industrial Revolution. In fact, digitalization is more profound than anything we have seen before, and only businesses who understand the changes we are currently going through as well as the groundwork that is being laid for the future will lead in the digital era.

Digital disruption is like nothing we’ve seen before

For the first time in history, we are not only developing and using amazing new technologies, we are providing them access to massive amounts of data, which they can then use as a learning tool. With digitalization, technologies like artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and machine learning consume vast amounts of data that help them learn, respond, and set the framework for further technological innovation and changing business models where customers become partners, partners become competitors, and competitors become partners. Never before have so many diverse and competitive businesses partnered with each other to create new technologies. But more than that, these businesses are partnering with their newly created technologies to build on each succeeding level of intelligence.

While some businesses struggle with the rate of change and the need to adopt new technologies to keep them relevant and viable, those determined to thrive in this new economy are embracing the changes brought about by unparalleled technological innovation. And we are only at the beginning of the journey.

Introducing the Intelligent Enterprise

The introduction of the Intelligent Enterprise sets a bold vision for customers,  partners, and the marketplace by providing an end-to-end framework (intelligent suite of applications + intelligent technologies (i,e., AI, ML, IoT, etc.) + digital platform) that delivers the promise of the digital era in a seamless, intelligent strategy—fundamentally changing our approach to business and work.

The Intelligent Enterprise enables us to access our systems on any device, at any time, and have those systems act intelligently to:

  • Prioritize and realign our work
  • Provide knowledge-based recommendations on how to tackle issues
  • Automate simple and repetitive tasks
  • Uncover patterns and insights across our work and present them to us so we can make informed decisions

Just think back for a minute to the Industrial Revolution and inventions like the steam engine, the telephone, and even cement. When these innovations were first introduced, we had no idea how profoundly they would change the world, but they transformed how we communicated, traveled, lived, and worked.

The Intelligent Enterprise is primed to transform our workplaces and our lives in the digital era by helping us become smarter, getting us closer to our customers, and giving us the one thing we all need more of: time!

Partners deliver the last mile

Customers can no longer afford to spend time and money on complex software customizations—they need fast delivery and “out of the box” functionality. And while technology providers are well-equipped to deliver the Intelligent Enterprise framework, customers need specialized applications and tools that will go the last mile to meet the unique needs of their business. For this reason, Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) are integral to the intelligent enterprise process and framework.

The enterprise economy may be more complex than the consumer economy, but companies are run by people who inevitably bring their consumer practices to the workplace. According to IDC, 65% of the purchasing decision is now taking place online, before customers even talk to a potential vendor. This makes the Intelligent Enterprise a critical opportunity for partners who want to monetize their IP and deliver plug and play apps in a much shorter timeframe than it would take to develop customized software.

But how do partners make sure they’re ready?

Primed for success

Transitioning customers to an Intelligent Enterprise will be achieved with the help of a network of partners who are cloud-savvy and can deliver—on time and with high quality and volume—while carrying technical and sectoral expertise that is country-specific and compliant. As digitalization accelerates and customers are faced with time-sensitive challenges, the key success parameter will be technology providers and their partners to share a joint vision for cloud and the intelligent enterprise.

By understanding and capitalizing on the Intelligent Enterprise framework, ISV partners will gain the advantage in their industries, across all lines of business. As niche players, ISVs will use their solution expertise to help make the Intelligent Enterprise vision a reality and deliver applications to customers that provide the visibility, focus, and agility they need to achieve game-changing outcomes.

This new era of integration isn’t about “all-in-one” technologies, but about being better together, with partnerships playing a pivotal role in making the Intelligent Enterprise a reality. The end-to-end framework is primed and ready for ISV partners who can develop the apps that extend and expand the capabilities of SAP’s Intelligent Enterprise software and make it uniquely actionable for each customer—providing intelligence across the business, consistency in the data model, and immense agility and flexibility.

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Diane Fanelli

About Diane Fanelli

Diane Fanelli is senior vice president and general manager of Global Platform Channels at SAP. In this role, she heads SAP’s ISV, VAR, and startup businesses, working closely with partners to build new SAP and partner sales channels and accelerate revenue growth by leveraging the SAP innovation platform including analytics, database, SAP HANA, SAP Cloud Platform, and SAP Leonardo.