Don’t Allow Software To Eat Your Lunch

Cindy Morel

Part 6 of a 6-part series “Accelerating Digital Transformation in the Cloud

In October 2000, Marc Andreessen and his business partner Ben Horowitz were interviewed in CRN: The Newsweekly for Builders of Technology Solutions. Andreessen declared, “The complexity curve of software on major Internet properties, and everybody else, is growing exponentially. Software is eating the world.”

And in August 2011, Marc Andreessen published the essay titled “Why Software is Eating the World” in The Wall Street Journal. After discussing the importance of software, he stated again “In short, software is eating the world.”

Fast-forward to 2018, and the statement is truer today than ever before. In today’s competitive environment, it’s tempting for companies to remain stuck – laser-focused on their profitable core competencies. But taking advantage of new business opportunities and creating new revenue streams are equally important. And success is within reach – through software and IT. The inevitable reality is that every company is becoming a software company.

The challenge is to continuously enable software development beyond the traditional software development lifecycle and beyond the traditional boundaries of IT to other stakeholders. Couple that with ever-increasing customer expectations for a consistent, seamless experience, regardless of how they interact with companies.

The solution lies in delivering a rapid application development platform to IT and business stakeholders alike. The right low-code platform will support both the professional developer and the business developer with tailored development environments for each.

Successful CIOs will embrace this opportunity to empower their stakeholders to innovate in new markets and to create an ongoing business advantage.

At SAPPHIRE Now, Market Influencer Tamara McLeary sat down with Mark Rogers from SAP partner and market leader Mendix to discuss whether CIOs are achieving success in turning to IT as an enabler for innovation, change, and ultimately, digital transformation.

Mark’s recommendation

“CIOs don’t have a choice to be successful here. They’ll either be successful or somebody else will have that job!”

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Cindy Morel

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Cindy Morel is Director, Strategic Ecosystem Marketing for SAP. She is responsible for SAP’s global marketing efforts for SAP Solution Extensions focused on the needs of the CIO and CFO – including process mining, rapid application development, governance, risk and compliance, application security and testing, and the Internet of Things. Cindy has over 25 years of experience with marketing software solutions. Prior to joining SAP, Cindy held marketing roles with BEA, Tibco and BroadVision. She has a Masters in Business Administration from Santa Clara University.