Make IT The Enabler Of Digital Transformation

Cindy Morel

Part 2 of a 6-part series “Accelerating Digital Transformation

Best-run businesses know they need to deliver new customer experiences and improve business efficiencies – for both customers and internal stake holders – by developing new applications more quickly and moving to the cloud.

The cloud is a true enabler of digital transformation. It accelerates go-lives and user adoption, speeds global deployments, and helps organizations adapt quickly to new business needs. It can foster continuous innovation by offering instant access to the latest technologies, best practices, and regulatory changes. The cloud also helps companies shift from a capital expenditure to an operational expenditure model, provides better transparency into costs and usage, and minimizes the need for infrastructure investment.

And above all else, the cloud is simple, reliable, and safe – providing a software environment that is easy to configure and extend, fully managed by a trusted third party, and enabled with complete data security and protection.

Rapid application development (RAD) tools empower professional software engineers and less-technical business developers to create responsive, context-aware applications that integrate with other systems and services over predefined connectors. As organizations move operations to the cloud, they can expand the web of connections around a stable core they’ve built with their enterprise systems.

A leading cloud platform will include a full bank of cloud services and APIs to help businesses simplify and accelerate application development from ideation to delivery in the cloud. They can produce, test, and deploy their evolving applications without overburdening existing IT resources. With RAD, businesses can get to the cloud faster and master up-to-the-minute technologies without taxing specialized programmers.

At SAPPHIRE NOW, market influencer Tamara McCleary sat down with Mark Rogers, representing SAP partner and market leader Mendix, to discuss business trends that are driving organizations to reimagine how the business and IT organization can work together.

Mark’s recommendation: “If we work together with all the tools we have now, then we can change the application lifecycle and make sure that IT is not a bottleneck, but is an enabler and an accelerator to getting where the organization wants to go.”

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Cindy Morel

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Cindy Morel is Director, Strategic Ecosystem Marketing for SAP. She is responsible for SAP’s global marketing efforts for SAP Solution Extensions focused on the needs of the CIO and CFO – including process mining, rapid application development, governance, risk and compliance, application security and testing, and the Internet of Things. Cindy has over 25 years of experience with marketing software solutions. Prior to joining SAP, Cindy held marketing roles with BEA, Tibco and BroadVision. She has a Masters in Business Administration from Santa Clara University.