We Need To Create Hero Developers

Cindy Morel

Part 1 of a 6-part series “Accelerating Digital Transformation

Executing digital transformation initiatives puts intense pressure on application developers to flesh out new business models and capitalize on the latest technologies. To succeed in today’s competitive global marketplace, organizations must fearlessly innovate to differentiate, creating stunning business applications to realize their company’s evolving business vision. Applications must integrate seamlessly with existing systems while exploiting new technologies and offering a friendly multichannel user interface (UI). Companies are looking for opportunities to support this digital transformation, delivering new applications at scale, without extensive IT resources.

Intelligent enterprises must capture emerging business opportunities that fly by at Internet speed, and rapid application development (RAD) tools can help by minimizing coding and boosting the collaboration between IT and business users. RAD can help organizations build, enhance, and scale state-of-the-art applications at unprecedented speed, in close collaboration with users in lines of business.

RAD can offer model-based development, full application lifecycle management, and one-click deployment to the cloud. Organizations can implement innovation stacks that feature the latest application development techniques and user experiences, along with cloud, analytics, machine learning, and geolocation capabilities. Without adding IT resources, they can quickly design, create, test, go live – and continually enhance.

Intelligent enterprises are relying on RAD to help them develop software driven by user requirements and focused on innovation and differentiation. In fact, Gartner predicts that by 2020, at least 50% of all new line-of-business applications will be created with RAD toolsets.

At SAPPHIRE Now, SAP market influencer Tamara McCleary sat down with Mark Rogers from SAP partner and RAD market leader Mendix to discuss the business trends driving organizations to look at simplified development tools.

Mark’s recommendation: “We think about helping our customers and their developers become heroes – becoming heroes in helping the business really innovate.”

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Cindy Morel

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Cindy Morel is Director, Strategic Ecosystem Marketing for SAP. She is responsible for SAP’s global marketing efforts for SAP Solution Extensions focused on the needs of the CIO and CFO – including process mining, rapid application development, governance, risk and compliance, application security and testing, and the Internet of Things. Cindy has over 25 years of experience with marketing software solutions. Prior to joining SAP, Cindy held marketing roles with BEA, Tibco and BroadVision. She has a Masters in Business Administration from Santa Clara University.