The Key To Redefining The Labels Of Your Enterprise Intelligently

Oliver Huschke

The energy behind the growth of most businesses can be tied to technology-inspired innovation. And nowhere was this reality more apparent than at this year’s SAPPHIRE NOW. Many business leaders shared how they shattered traditional barriers to enter entirely new markets and face down tremendous competitive pressure. Startups showcased their solutions to common problems to improve the lives of millions.

Perhaps one of my favorite moments on the show floor was a chance to see a stunning array of ground-breaking applications using the latest technologies. Each innovation provided a fresh perspective that is blurring the traditional labels of customers, employees, citizens, companies, and government. Most importantly, they are setting new expectations that, when addressed intelligently, can become a competitive strength.

The intelligent enterprise: A compelling vision for digital transformation

“The intelligent enterprise.” You may have heard this term circulating around lately – and let me assure you that this is not just another buzzword to an already noisy digital marketplace. It’s an opportunity to narrow the gap between technology and the business to improve productivity, drive purpose with new skills sets, gain momentum through consolidation and disruption, and deliver a perfect customer experience that wins loyalty.

Just think of what your business can achieve with:

  • Production lines that can manufacture for a lot size of one
  • Products that never go missing in transit and become counterfeited
  • Orders that are never delayed or back-ordered
  • Job candidates found without bias infiltrating the review of a massive pile of résumés

With the help of a digital business services and support team, your business can gain first-hand knowledge of what happens to companies that fully embrace the advantages of running as an intelligent enterprise. By trusting a third party as the custodian of your end-to-end business data, you can leverage intelligent algorithms that help get more done with less, deliver experiences that “wow” your customers, and overwhelm your competitors with new business models.

Our focus is your success as an intelligent enterprise

With expertise, services, support, and tools acquired from working with many customers, digital business services and support organizations are well-positioned to assist you in accelerating the value of running as an intelligent enterprise. We can help you navigate the vast array of intelligent solutions, systems, and digital platforms to build the right foundation for your business.

Outcome-focused services and proactive support offerings are designed to:

  • Automate delivery of intelligent tools and platforms that support a simplified, accelerated approach to transformation
  • Provide access to a global team of professionals with in-depth expertise in solutions, leading practices, and innovation processes
  • Solidify value-adding partnerships with the right system integrators to actualize your success on-premise, in the cloud, and as a hybrid of the two deployment environments

Consider, for example, Stara. The Brazilian supplier of agricultural machinery to over 35 countries worldwide wanted to empower its customers to increase their farming yields. But here’s the catch: It wanted to accomplish this mission through its data, not just its machines. The company took a big step by giving its 2,000 employees 24×7 access to information in the cloud. By being able to tap into the expertise and know-how of an experienced digital business services and support network, Stara is providing considerably improved data consistency, transparency, and collaboration as well as enabling actionable know-how, guided road maps, and faster response to evaluations. And for the global agricultural community, this means faster, highly efficient data-driven support that will help them feed billions of people worldwide.

Intelligent infrastructures create new opportunities

Technology providers such as SAP have built a dynamic portfolio of technology and services that are poised to graduate businesses from digital transformation to an intelligent enterprise. Your organization can build up the critical workforce skills, operational capabilities, and digital innovations needed to rethink current approaches to serving customers, addressing risks, and seizing opportunities.

By expanding your digital mindset, you will quickly see the combined opportunity of today’s emerging high-value technology – from algorithm-driven intelligence, blockchain, and the Internet of Things to machine learning, predictive analytics, and robotics. And this may be the inspiration you need to deliver a foundation for real-time, intelligent action that can change how your business views itself in this world of immense opportunity.

For more insight on the power of the digital transformation, see International Trade And The Intelligent Enterprise.

Oliver Huschke

About Oliver Huschke

Oliver Huschke is the global head of Solution Marketing for Digital Business Services at SAP. He has worked for SAP since 1997, starting with development, where he built and led the central test organization. Oliver was head of application management and managed marketing activities at SAP Hosting. Further stations include strategic development and Active Global Support with responsibility for global product management of the SAP Premium Engagement Program. Share your thoughts with Oliver on LinkedIn or Twitter.