Q2 2018

Wealth and Wellness

Wealth and Wellness

What we’ve learned about customer relationships, retail growth, and improving employee well-being.

Three Things Customers Hate About You

Breaking up isn’t hard to do. Consumers will end their relationship with a company due to basic missteps.

Using their data without their knowledge

Unresponsive customer service

Making the same mistake more than twice

Source: 2017 SAP Hybris Consumer Insights Report


Retail Ramps Up

Retailers anticipate at least 5% growth in the next year. The top three ways they say they’ll hit their numbers:


Speed to market

Increasing brand recognition

Increasing employee engagement

Source: SAP Digital Transformation Executive Study


Roads to Wellness

54% of companies plan to augment or upgrade health and well-being benefits for employees. The most cited emerging solutions are:

Wellness portals

More health and well-being–related education and resources

Revamped workspaces, such as standing desks

Source: FutureProofing HR: Infographics Compilation 2017–2018