Co-Innovation Drives Business For Partners

Alicia Rudolph

In the business world, innovation is never-ending. We innovate to address a need or solve a problem. Ideally, we innovate to deliver a better future. And with digital transformation arguably the biggest thing expected to affect most businesses over the next five years – impacting everything from massive, global enterprises to small startups – innovation is essential.

The impact of digital transformation is enormous and businesses must innovate to survive. At the current rate of disruption, Three-quarters of S&P 500 companies from 2012 will be replaced by 2027. That’s less than 10 years from now.

Yet, despite this prediction, only 27% of today’s businesses have a coherent digital strategy. Harnessing the expertise of a proven digital transformation leader can be a successful way for businesses to avoid being disrupted, so partnerships and co-innovation should be a top consideration for today’s decision makers. Co-innovation and partnerships with digital transformation leaders can help companies avoid being disrupted and create a digital strategy that meets innovation needs as they arise. The resulting innovations enhance the capabilities of partner and customer ecosystem by delivering a diverse network of expertise and best-in-class technologies and platforms.

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Alicia Rudolph

About Alicia Rudolph

Alicia Rudolph is presently part of the Strategic Ecosystem Marketing at SAP. She is passionate about leveraging Social Media as a way to drive business for partners and customers alike.