Introducing New Digitalist Magazine Navigation

Krista Ruhe

Dear Digitalist readers,

We are pleased to introduce new modifications to the navigation and design of the Digitalist Magazine, online edition.

To reflect our readers’ emerging innovation priorities, we have added four new sections:

  • Blockchain
  • Cybersecurity
  • Human-Machine Interaction
  • Machine Learning/AI

Over the past year, we have highlighted these topics across our site as well as in our premium magazine Digitalist Magazine, executive quarterly edition. However, as interest in these technology areas has grown, we felt that it would be helpful to create these new sections for our readers.

Existing sections—Digital Economy, Future of Work, Customer Experience, Digital Supply Networks, Internet of Things, CFO Knowledge, CIO Knowledge, Improving Lives, SME, Industries, Technologies and Lines of Business are still included in our navigation to support your existing business priorities.

From a design point of view, we have created a simple, clear, and visually compelling navigational structure that prominently displays all sections. Readers can now easily find all topics that we cover at a glance. We have eliminated the left-hand navigation and the subsection navigation fly-in. Subsections still exist, but you no longer need to choose content with multiple clicks. Instead, this content will be served up automatically on each section page.

We hope these changes create an even better experience for our readers and help you more effectively find the articles that most interest you.

Thanks for being a Digitalist!



Managing Editor, Digitalist Magazine Online

Krista Ruhe

About Krista Ruhe

Krista Ruhe is the Editor in Chief of the Digitalist Magazine Online at SAP. You can follow Krista on twitter at @kruhe.