The Cloud Drives A Competitive Future For Small And Midsize Firms

Laurie Hawkins

Part 1 of “Cloud-Driven Competitive Advantage” series

Small and midsize businesses have undergone a remarkable evolution in how they compete. Unlike their larger rivals that fear technology advancement as a significant disruptor, smaller firms and startups are taking full advantage of such change. They are driving revenue growth, improving productivity, and, above all, getting new customers. And many of them are achieving these goals so well that existing industries are being redefined and new niches are being created.

This is truly an exciting time for small and midsize businesses. However, ingenuity and luck are not the reason why the playing field has leveled out. According to the IDC InfoBrief “Using Cloud Capabilities for Competitive Advantage: How Small and Midsize Companies Worldwide Are Adopting Cloud Technology to Meet Key Business Goals,” sponsored by SAP, cloud-driven access to technologies – once considered unaffordable and complex – is not only enabling greater agility and more efficient operations, but also a clear path to growing and competing against much-larger enterprises.

Discover some of the highlights of this study, and find out how 68.4% of small firms and 86.6% of midsize businesses worldwide are taking advantage of the cloud.

Over the next five weeks, we will offer insights and perspective on how the cloud can help firms achieve their strategic goals and become a disruptive force in the marketplace. Be sure to check every Tuesday for new installments to our blog series Cloud-Driven Competitive Advantageto explore the possibilities for your company.

Laurie Hawkins

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Laurie Hawkins is Senior Director of Global Audience Marketing at SAP.