Podcast: AI, Machine Learning, And Autonomous Vehicles: Who's Driving Miss Daisy?

Bonnie D. Graham

The Future of Cars with Game-Changers Radio, Presented by SAP

The buzz:  “It’s too dangerous. You can’t have a person driving a two-ton death machine.” (Elon Musk, 2015) By 2022, about 1% of the total vehicles on the world’s roads could be 10 million autonomous vehicles. The debate about whether driver intervention is possible is rapidly becoming moot. Expecting a driver who is not aware, to suddenly become aware and intercede in a unique circumstance, is preposterous. Humans must create the algorithms needed for fully autonomous driving. With increasing machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities, only the morality needs to be supplied by a human.

Join us for “AI, Machine Learning and Autonomous Vehicles: Who’s Driving Miss Daisy?”

Guest Information

Larry Stolle is the Senior Global Director of Automotive Marketing at SAP. He is responsible for marketing the entire solution portfolio, spanning the Automotive OEM, the Automotive Supplier and Automotive Sales and Service organizations including automotive retail and importer business. Larry joined SAP in 2006 and has more than 45 years of experience at automotive dealerships, automotive manufacturers and importers, and IT systems integrators. He has extensive knowledge of the automotive business with special focus on automotive retailing across the globe. He has never stopped being a “car guy”!

Heather Ashton is a Research Manager at IDC Manufacturing Insights. Heather leads the Service Innovation and Connected Products Strategies Service, where she focuses on how manufacturers are applying transformational technology like IoT to aftermarket service in their efforts to increase customer centricity. Automotive is one of the key industries that Heather’s research covers. Heather has enjoyed working as an industry analyst for nearly two decades, and she is an active participant and speaker at industry events. She contributes regularly to the IDC Community blog.

As a Member of the Board of Directors of the SAP German Speaking User Group (DSAG), Otto Schell leads the Resorts Business Process and Industries Solution, Globalization and Innovation (Transformation / Industry 4.0). He also is main contact to international SAP User Groups. Within the DSAG community he foster discussions on IoT, Industry 4.0 to aware and adopt Digital Transformation opportunities. Within GM, Otto Schell is the Global SAP Business Architect and SAP CCoE Lead. The position owns and integrates the SAP Enterprise Architecture approach on design, deployment, operation and continuous improvement of GMs SAP business process landscape. Furthermore ensure the alignment across GM business process requirements, standardizes products, services and content based on a common “meta-model” towards GM business process vision and to enable real time scenarios.

Originally recorded and broadcast Wednesday, May 7, 2017 at 7 AM Pacific / 10 AM Eastern

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