NVIDIA: How Game Theory Is Redefining The Intelligent Enterprise [VIDEO]

Shelly Dutton

Data may be the heart of every intelligent enterprise, but the recent performance of AlphaGo, developed by Alphabet Inc.’s Google DeepMind, is proving that artificial intelligence is taking all of this captured information to a whole new level.

Heavily reliant on intuition, strategic thinking, and winning a series of battles, the game of Go is incredibly difficult for computers to master. There are more iterations and more moves than atoms in the universe, leaving many people to believe that a computer could not possibly memorize every combination, assess the situation on the board, construct a strategy, and execute on the plan. However, AlphaGo’s stunning victories over the world’s greatest masters of the game are proving that the neural network can read data, see scenarios, detect patterns, and act on things at a speed that is impossible for a human.

During the SAPPHIRE NOW session, Speed Digital Transformation by Bringing Machine Learning to the Enterprise: Our Partnership with NVIDIA,” Jim McHugh, vice president and general manager at NVIDIA Corporation, shared how the same technology behind AlphaGo has the potential to change the game in every enterprise. “If you think of all the patterns that there are in the enterprise,” he says, “and if we put artificial intelligence to work on those, we’re going to solve so many business challenges.”

Historically associated with gaming, NVIDIA is taking its success in redefining modern computer graphics and revolutionizing parallel computing to move to a new challenge: a new model of computing power and graphics processing units. Going above Moore’s Law, which states that the concept of computing power doubles approximately every two years, the NVIDIA Volta GPU platform, which contains the power of 800 central processing units (CPUs), has the same kind of technology used in AlphaGo.

“Now, the same artificial intelligence and machine learning technology can be used in industries like healthcare,” noted McHugh. “We can detect patterns that are, for example, solving diseases, that are finding cures for cancer, and that are actually going in and doing better radiologist techniques than radiologists themselves. This makes the technology a trusted partner for doctors.”

Analysis and decision making that used to take as much as six weeks can now be delivered in less than a day. To McHugh, this capability is what will redefine our definition of an intelligent enterprise as organizations continue to chase today’s biggest business problems.

“Think what you can do when you have a massive amount of computing capability and a massive amount of data that is sitting inside enterprise great solutions,” concluded McHugh. “It opens a world of opportunity.”

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